Power Stab

Power Stab


  • A smart stabilizer cum energy auditor.
  • Save energy using audit & stabilizing method.
  • 5 stage electronic static stabilizer.
  • Indication of wattage, Input / Output voltage and current (Trur R.M.S.)
  • Short current, power on delay, overload & high / low voltage protection.


  • Guaranteed 30 – 35% energy saving
  • Visualize the individual wattage of different appliances
  • Visualize the energy losses due to unbranded & substandard products
  • Stabilize voltage, protects the appliance from electrical damages
  • Costs recovery within 18 to 24 Months
  • Call for live demonstrations

Product Overview

Protect your precious equipment & save electricity bill up to 30 - 35%

Designed with Servo Motor, Dualtek Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer protects your equipment from electrical hazards. It is noiseless and comes in a compact design. It regulates load and unbalanced line. It protects your equipments from high / low voltage and over current. Dualtek Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer models are available in wide range of operating input voltage.

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