Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer

Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer


  • Design only with Servo Motor
  • Noiseless, due to Nylon Gear
  • Single & Three Phase, Compact Design
  • Unbalanced Line & Load Regulation
  • High / low voltage & Over current protection
  • Buck / Boost transformer for Heavy range
  • Wide operating input voltage range specially developed for rural area

Available Models in

  • Single Phase: 2KVA, 3KVA, 5KVA, 8KVA, 10KVA and above
  • Three Phase: 10KVA, 15KVA, 20KVA, 25KVA, 30KVA and above


  • Computers
  • All type medical equipment
  • Industries
  • Domestic Appliance
  • AC
  • Deep Freezer etc

Product Overview

Protect your equipment from electrical hazards

Designed with Servo Motor, Dualtek Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer protects your equipment from electrical hazards. It is noiseless and comes in a compact design. It regulates load and unbalanced line. It protects your equipments from high / low voltage and over current. Dualtek Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer models are available in wide range of operating input voltage.

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